Love Lost

Love Lost

by Rebecca Braun

photo by nikzsmiileyface

Your hand I seek though you are far away,
I lost your love somewhere along the sea.
The heavens found it lost and in decay,
Now Lucifer has robbed your heart of me.
Perhaps it never was for me to keep,
Perhaps it never was for me at all;
The words they were too hard for us to speak,
We knew not when the end was sure to fall.
It’s true, the days are brighter when we part,
We walk on diff’rent paths each day begins;
Some ray of wisdom shines within our hearts,
Relinquishing our pain, forgiving sins.
I’m thankful for our time though it was hell,
I pray a new love comes to break your spell

imageI live in Minnesota. What can I say? It’s cold here! I am a semi-retired music teacher looking for a new career, and hoping it will be writing! I have a border collie whose name is May, and a kitty-kat named Maple. I love flower gardening, snowshoeing, taking long walks with my dog, and writing poetry.

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James Hensley


It’s a sad thing when you love someone so much but can’t seem to connect the way you should. It’s true when they say sometimes love isn’t enough. Very good poem, Rebecca!

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