Love Without a Trace

Love Without a Trace

by MJ Tejeda

photo by carym

I listened to your words,
I looked into your eyes.
My feelings for you, I could not disguise.

We spoke about our past, our present and our paths.
We did not stop to realize
That this moment could not last.

You held me close and took my hand.
For a second or two you were my man.
I wanted to keep you, but knew it could not be true.

Reality can be our most terrible foe.
In time you’ll forget you ever knew my face.
Your touch and your whisper lost without a trace.

M.J. Tejeda is the ultimate stay at home wife and mother. She is a lover of all things vintage, which reflects in her fashion and home décor. M.J. is currently working on several writing projects, which includes a novel. She enjoys spending time with her family and being an active member of the Writer’s Carnival. Her dream is to become a published poet and author.

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Paulette Anne Miller


Reminds me of my first and only Love. Great work M.J., your pain showed through what you knew and who you knew you could not keep; and came out in words we all can relate. Been there, I get it! Thank you.

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