by Rachel Hofton

photo by xKeepYourSoulx

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“Wear those new undies, they are team colors,” Elise begged her boyfriend.

“Like that will make a difference.”

“I believe they’re lucky. They’re our teams colors and were reduced. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.”

“Well, if it’ll make you happy, I’ll do it,” Ryan sighed.

“Thanks, babe. We’ll win now!” Elise beamed.

After a great start to the season, the Tigers had lost their last four games. The chances of them making finals for the first time in eight years was fading fast. Injuries hit, inexperienced players were forced to play on the big stage. Each week, the crowd of supporters thinned out. Only those who’d been there every week through the eight years of pain remained, the true faithful. Still they gathered, cheering the boys on through the blood, sweat and tears.

Before the game many drank, preparing to drown their sorrows, bracing for another loss. Elise sat front row, quietly confident, believing they’d get a win on the board and get back into the top four. Ryan wasn’t so optimistic, failing to believe his undies could make any difference. If my undies are lucky then maybe I should enter the lotto. Lucky undies? What will I say if we lose? Ryan chuckled silently to himself.

At half time the Tigers were down ten points. Despite the small margin, a few had given up and left. As the third quarter commenced Elise cheered louder and louder, receiving several texts from friends saying they saw her on television. With just one quarter remaining they were even. The atmosphere among supporters changing, most were now on their feet, cheering, jumping around, getting excited.

“Maybe you’re right,” Ryan whispered during the final break.

“Yup, as I said, lucky undies,” Elise screamed, loud enough that a few people around them heard.

“Say what?” Michael, one of their friends, asked.

“She thinks my new undies are lucky and insisted I wear them because they are team colors.”

“That’s hilarious, though who knows, maybe they are lucky. Or this is just coincidence,” Tracey chimed in.

“We’ll see when the final siren sounds,” Michael laughed.

“We’ll be singing our glorious song, I just know it,” Elise shouted, jumping around.

“Maybe we should get each of the players a pair,” Tracey laughed so hard she nearly fell off her seat. “I’d love to see a photo of that.”

“Of all the players in their undies?” Michael made a throwing up face.

“Yeah, that’d be so hot wouldn’t it? Tracey looked to Elise who was shaking her head.

“I like my man in his. They are all yours,” Elise giggled.

Play commenced, for the next fifteen minutes the lead changed constantly, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats. Play continued, the Tigers getting ahead by two goals by the time extra security came onto the ground, meaning just five minutes remained. Not one person was sitting down, most were shouting, some were on the verge of tears. The opposition scored a goal with a minute to go. Elise bit down on her lip, her heart racing. The ball came straight out of the center of the ground and was heading toward the enemies forward line when one of the Tigers newest players leapt into his opponents back and took a screamer of a mark. A roar erupted from the crowd. Fans from the other team started to pour out of the stadium. The moment proved too much for the young player as he turned the ball over. The opposition got hold of the ball, a player kicked it to another who was preparing to take a mark when the siren blew.

“We did it,” Elise cried. “I knew it! The undies are lucky!”

“Maybe so,” Ryan grinned, before the pair joined the crowd in singing the clubs theme song.

“Make sure you wear those undies every week, dude,” Michael shouted after the song finished.

“He will be, I’ll make sure of it.”

“Sounds like I have no choice.” Ryan laughed.

“Do you really think it was the undies?” Tracey’s friend Robin asked.

“It’s the first time I’ve worn them.” Ryan shrugged.

“Where did they come from? We should contact the club and get all the players a pair like Tracey suggested.” Robin’s eyes shone in excitement. “Would make such a sexy photo.”

Ryan shook his head. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it was one game.”

“Fine if we win the next two then it’ll be a fact the undies are the teams lucky charm.” Tracey beamed.

“Who wants to go to the pub?” Michael tried to change the subject, having had enough of the undies talk.

“Sounds great.” Ryan started to pack up their stuff.

Even at the pub, the girls continued talking about the lucky undies. Naturally their volume increased the more they drank. A journalist sitting nearby the group overheard and decided to write about it. The next day Ryan brought the paper. Sitting down at breakfast, he flicked through the pages stopping at a headline “Lucky Undies Worn by Supporter Gets Tigers Win.” Cursing, Ryan left his breakfast and went to find Elise. Impatiently he waited for her to get out of the shower, pacing around the bedroom.

“What the hell is this?” He shouted when she entered the bedroom.

“I have no idea,” her jaw dropped as she read over the article. “Whoever wrote it doesn’t know us, our names aren’t mentioned.”

“Oh, that’s a relief,” Ryan sighed, before going back to his now soggy cereal.

During the day they both discovered the tale of the lucky undies had made it online for the world to see. It was getting a lot of hits and comments from people wanting to know who wore them. Even the club tweeted about it. Ryan was secretly famous. He scratched his head, all this from one game and someone overhearing our conversation. What’s the world coming to?

Each week Ryan wore the undies and the Tigers continued to win. Elise decided to get herself a pair, she had no shame in wearing guys undies. Wearing them to the next game, her heart sank, the final siren blasted, her boys lost by seven points.

“The yellow and black undies ain’t so lucky for you.” Michael laughed, Elise glared at him.

“Who told you I got a pair?” She looked straight at Ryan who looked away. “Don’t bother, I think I know.”

“I wanted others to be aware. This really does test the theory of the lucky undies,” Ryan whispered.

“Well, clearly they are only lucky for you.”

“Maybe it’s a guy thing,” Michael laughed.

The following week Elise didn’t wear the undies, she’d thrown them in the trash in disappointment. Ryan wore his as normal. Sure enough, the Tigers won. The team was getting stronger as key players slowly returned from injuries. The best news was they were in the finals for sure. Crowds grew as the band wagon supporters who only turn up when things are going well came along in masses to games. The theory of the guy with the lucky undies continued to grow. Tracey and Robin giving in to media and revealing that the guy wearing them each week was Ryan. Furious when he found out, Ryan soon calmed down, he’d become somewhat of a celebrity and the club had sent him a merchandise pack.

“What inspired you to get the undies?” A reporter asked him before the clubs semi final match.

“My girlfriend saw them, they were our teams colors and on sale. The whole luck thing was her idea,” he blushed, not liking the spot light.

“You believed her?”

“At first, no, they were team colors so I wore them.”

“What changed your mind?”

“Well, we kept winning.”

“Every game?”

“Except one, but that’s a story in itself,” Ryan grinned, as he thought back to that game.

“Care to share?”

“Well, my partner decided to get herself a pair.”

“And the Tigers lost? So it’s just a male luck thing?” The journalist laughed.

“She thinks it’s a me thing. Though a female friend thinks we should get a pair for all the players.”

“That’s not at all creepy?” The reporter frowned.

“I know, very creepy. Glad it hasn’t happened yet.”

“Maybe if you make the Grand Final?”

“Hope not, could be unlucky.”

The Tigers made the Grand Final. Tickets sold out in just minutes. Elise and Ryan got their faces painted and their hair colored yellow and black for the big day. Elise checked with Ryan several times that he had his lucky undies on before they left.

The Tigers dominated the game, winning by thirty three points. The crowd screamed out the song. As the announcer asked for quiet to commence the presentations one thing could be heard by the cheer squad.

“All hail Ryan and his lucky yellow and black undies.”

Whether by luck or coincidence, the Tigers won their first premiership in twenty years.


Rachel Hofton is a very creative soul who loves writing, photography, painting, card making and other arts and crafts. Also a Richmond Tigers (A.F.L), animal, Disney and Pokemon fanatic. Currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with her other half and their fur baby.

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