By Edward Hujsak.

Lydia, a onetime airline stewardess, lives a few doors down the street with her husband, John. John was a senior airline pilot for TWA and often ferried the Shah of Iran on his various world trips.

I haven’t seen, heard from or thought about Lydia for more than a year. Last night, though, quite unexpectedly, she entered my dreams. We got to fooling around and one thing led to another, until finally, well, you know.

I woke, thinking “what a nice dream,” rolled over and went back to sleep.

Today, around mid-morning, the telephone rang. It was Lydia.

“I baked a banana bread for you,” she said. “John will bring it by, shortly.”


EDWAER HUJSAK is a career rocket engineer turned writer, poet, artist, sculptor and builder of fine furniture and musical instruments. He has authored and published eight books, including award winning book of short stories, “A Pig In The Rumble Seat.”He lives in La Jolla, California and blogs frequently on

Photo by Trace Meek.

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