Mayflies and Dragons

Mayflies and Dragons

by the Reader’s Carnival team

So how was that, boys and girls?

Were you entertained by our vision of a dark future and human redemption?


Well you’re in for a treat next month. Winter has long been forgotten and spring is upon us. We look forward to the lazy days of summer, but first we must witness the annual cycle of life. From the lowly mayfly to the mighty dragon, what tales will we unfold for you?

You’ll have to wait and see…

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Tim Hillebrant


I’ve not sat down much with this month’s issue- yet. Just looking like I might have time this weekend.
But, as an overall thing, here’s my say- for all it’s worth.
1) Overall, the format is good. We have a unique style that’s all our own. The covers are largely eye catching and the art is superb. The writing is good, and overall that helps.
2) I think the links to the individual pieces need to be easier to find.
3) Since Reader’s Carnival represents the best of Writer’s Carnival, I think it would be cool if we had something from each of the genre’s. Granted this is something that may have to be looked at further down the road.
4) I really like that we have photography. I like the differing styles our people bring to the table. Personally, I think maybe we could highlight this a bit more? Or, conversely, have a photo contest or something?
5) Reader’s Carnival is awesome- I love it. Keep up the great work!!

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