My Eternal Search for the Perfect Bra

My Eternal Search for the Perfect Bra

By CarolAnn Zito.

I have a fetish, I have to admit.  Most people search for memorabilia about Elvis, the civil war, secrets of the Bermuda triangle, etc.  My search is for the perfect bra.  In my search I’ve learned two things:  firstly, there isn’t a perfect bra and secondly, bras are like friends.  Aahh, I see a smile on your face.  I know what you’re thinking.  “She’s gone completely nuts.”  Or, “bras and friends, c’mon gimme a break.”

Well, just hang on a minute and listen.  Ok, here we go.  We, meaning us ladies, use bras for support.  Actually, some of the guys I saw at the beach recently should maybe read along.

Bras, like friends, come in many different colors, shapes, fabrics, and, of course, sizes.  Some bras are supportive, but the under-wire is as annoying as hell.  I have a friend or two like that, do you?  Some bras are all lacy and fancy, but only worn for a dress up occasion not for every day.  Some bras are all comfy and soft, but not very supportive.  Some bras are full of padding and can make mountains out of mole hills.   Some bras are strapless and have a difficult time staying in place.   I think you get my drift.

Anyway, looking through my collection, I seem to have a wide variety of bras.  I wish I could combine my bras to make just the perfect type.  Sometimes I wish I could do the same with my friends.  But then, I think, what if I need that strong support sometimes.  A friend to tell me the truth, whether I like it or not.  Or a friend who is there to be comforting when I really mess up and just need a hug and not advice.  Or a friend who’s willing to meet me at the Chinese take-out place for a quick dinner on short notice.  Then there’s a friend who will give up sleeping in on Saturday mornings just to go treasure hunting in yard sales. Or a friend who will have Friday night movies in her home, complete with popcorn.

It may take me a while to find the perfect bra.  I have found the perfect friends, and they support me really well.



Photo by Janet McKnight.

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