My Rock and Roll Days

My Rock and Roll Days

by Susan Marie Davniero.


I look back rather to find

My youth left far behind
When record discs spun around

Dancing about to the rockin’ sound

Songs that spoke of peace and love

This teenage girl found plenty of

And when self could do no wrong

I listen silently to a ballad song

Musical score records my fate

The songs play on to future dates

Bade farewell to carefree ways

To my early Rock and Roll days

Yet when act two comes along

I find the music still rocks on

Songs that I didn’t forget

The party isn’t over yet!


SUSAN MARIE DAVNIERO is a published poet listed in “The Poet’s Market 2011.” She writes in traditional rhyme verse and has been published in various publications including Pancakes in Heaven, Coffee Ground Breakfast, Long Short Story, Great South Bay Magazine, Write On, The Poet’s Art, Creations, Poetic Matrix, Pink Chameleon, Shemom, and others. She has also written essays and letters published in newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, Ladies Home Journal, and Saturday Evening Post. Her blog “Susan Marie” is her writing history. They don’t know her; yet, by way of writing they might. She is never at a loss of words. She has found her place as a writer and a poet. With every poem published she is inspired to write more. Writing feeds her soul – literally food for thought.

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