Needing Space

Needing Space

by Patricia Wellingham-Jones.

Even when it’s not duty,

when the cups of coffee,

mugs of tea are sweetened

with laughter and forthcoming

plans, even then those minutes

with others accumulate

in a crushing weight.


The craving to be alone

writhes through belly and mind,

addictive as any drug,

sated only by withdrawal.

Bar the door, lock the gate,

unplug phones, ignore email.


Whenever possible

sit in a sun patch,

watch birds busy in trees,

notice cloud patterns drift.

Listen to the unsilent



PATRICIA WELLINGHAM-JONES is a former psychology researcher and writer/editor with poetry widely published in journals, anthologies and Internet magazines. She has a special interest in healing with poems recently in The Widow’s Handbook (Kent State University Press). Chapbooks include Don’t Turn Away: poems about breast cancer, End-Cycle: poems about caregiving, Apple Blossoms at Eye Level, Voices on the Land and Hormone Stew. Contact

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