The Nightstalker

The Nightstalker

by Tim Hillebrant

Night comes with a whispered breeze.
My eyes open, time to sate my need.
A young girl, her eyes searching in fear.
She knows that I am somewhere near.

Hammering heart, nerves buzz with life.
She’ll not hear me, as I come with my knife.
Only one quick slice across her throat.
Flowing crimson now stains her coat.

As the blood flows, I drink it deep.
And she falls into death’s quiet sleep.
Her heart removed, quite the treat.
My teeth sink in, feeling the heat.

Another victim, I’ve taken my due.
Until the moon comes in new.
Like a shadow, I make no sound.
Until I hunger, then come around.

Lock your doors, windows shut tight.
Keep one eye open, as you sleep tonight.
You’ll never know, if it’s you I choose.
Until I grin, and it’s your life you lose.


Tim Hillebrant is an author/photographer from Southeast Idaho where he was born and raised.  Currently living near Boise, Idaho, Tim is a husband, father, and passionate reader.  His other interests include camping, fishing, cooking, movies, music, and trivia.  Tim can also often be found helping out with Writers Carnival, where he serves as a member of the administrator’s community support team.  You can see other examples of his work at;

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Great poem, Tim! The story flows in true Halloween/Vampiric style! Your phrases flow and fly like butter. Creamy and succulent. Now, I am in the mood for Halloween.


Anisa Irwin



What a great poem and perfect for the Halloween season. Well done and congratulations on being published in Reader’s Carnival.




Tim, this is by far one of my favorites of yours. It flows well, has great imagery and is just down right spooky 🙂


And so we now know, not just the doings of this werewolf, but also his thought process… how he speaks about his soon-to-be victims… but the visceral joy he gets from his hunger, thirst… desire… is it just the full moon… or something in his core?

You continue to write with a solid pen, Mr. Tim.

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