Nina Kitten Runs Away

Nina Kitten Runs Away

by Roxanna Andrews

Pinky Pig sat in her mud wallow on a hot summer day.

“Do you think it will ever cool off?” Chrissie Cow asked, switching her tail, trying to fan herself.

“You can get into my mud wallow,” Pinky offered.

“No, thank you.” But Chrissie wanted to climb in, the mud looked so cool.

Just then, Gabriel Gosling went running by. Behind him a kitten gave chase.

The gray and white kitten was the newest member of the Hollyhock Farm family. Mrs. Farmer had brought her home from the animal shelter and named her Nina.

From the first day she had been introduced to the farm, Nina had taken an instant liking to the gosling. She’d chase him all over the farmyard and when she caught him she’d squeeze him in a tight hug. All the animals thought it was very cute, but Gabriel did not. He was tired of being chased and squeezed by the friendly kitten.

Gabriel stopped running and turned on the kitten. “Nina, I wish Mrs. Farmer had never brought you home! I don’t like being chased or hugged and I wish you would just go away!”

The startled kitten stopped in her tracks. “I just want to be your friend.” Tears pooled in the kitten’s eyes as she turned and walked away, head and tail drooping.

“Gabriel Gosling, you hurt her feelings. You go right now and apologize to Nina,” scolded Chrissie Cow.

Gabriel was ashamed of himself for being so mean, but he was stubborn and didn’t want to apologize right then.

“I’ll do it later,” Gabriel told himself.

“I don’t think anyone likes me. I’m going to find a new home,” Nina told herself.

Nina took her favorite squeaky toy, squeezed under the back fence. and set out in search of a new home.

As Nina passed farms along her way, dogs ran along their fences, barking at her. She didn’t want to live on a farm with grumpy dogs, so she kept going.

Nina passed a house with an open gate and a dog in the front yard. She hurried across the road, hoping the dog wouldn’t see her, but he he did. The big brown dog was through the gate in a hurry and chased after Nina.

Nina dropped her favorite squeaky toy and climbed the nearest tree. She wasn’t good at climbing yet and barely made it up the tree before the dog caught up to her. He nipped at her tail as she clumsily climbed and sat on a branch mewing loudly. The dog sat below barking.

Meanwhile at Hollyhock Farm, Mrs. Farmer called Nina to come eat her dinner. “Nina! Its dinner time,” she called again and again.

Pinky heard Mrs. Farmer calling for the kitten and ran to see if she could help.

“Oh Pinky girl, I can’t find Nina. Where could she be?” Mrs. Farmer said with tears in her eyes.


“Has anyone seen Nina?” Super Pig asked the farm animals.

“I think I hurt her feelings and she ran away.” Gabriel felt bad.

It would be dark in a few hours and Super Pig knew she needed to find Nina soon. She went out the gate and down the road, but when she didn’t find Nina, she turned around and hurried the other way. Super Pig was getting worried she wouldn’t find Nina before dark.

In a short time, Super Pig came upon Nina’s squeaky toy lying in the road. She knew something must have happened for Nina to drop her favorite toy. She heard a dog barking and ran to see why. She found Nina up a tree yowling away and under it, the barking dog.

“Hey, dog! You leave Nina alone!” Super Pig shouted as she ran to the rescue.

The brown dog began barking at Super Pig and ran toward her. Super Pig stamped her hoof, “Stop, dog!” she said. The startled dog had never seen anyone like Super Pig before. He stopped, and putting his tail between his legs, ran all the way home.

“Nina, why did you run away?” asked Super Pig. “Mrs. Farmer is looking for you and everyone wants you to come home.”

“Gabriel doesn’t,” said the kitten. “I just wanted to be his friend, but I did everything wrong.”

“Gabriel’s just not used to the way you play. He wants you to come home too,” Super Pig assured her.

Nina slid down the tree trunk using her claws, but she got stuck. Super Pig picked her up and carried her home. Dogs along the way barked and jumped at the fences. Super Pig stomped her hoof at them and told them to be quiet, and the dogs ran for the safety of their front porch.

“Bad dogs!” Nina said, feeling safe with Super Pig holding her.

Gabriel Gosling sat by the gate waiting for Nina to come home. He knew if he had apologized, Nina wouldn’t have run away.

When he saw Super Pig and Nina, Gabriel ran to meet them. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Nina.”

“I’m sorry too. I promise not to chase you anymore, unless we’re playing tag,” Nina laughed.

Gabriel and Nina ran to the farmhouse where Mrs. Farmer was very happy to see her kitten. The next day Mrs. Farmer went to the pet store and bought Nina a pretty pink collar with a bell on it. “Now I’ll always know where you are,” she told Nina.

That night in her pen, Pinky thought about her day. She was happy Nina was home. She knew Gabriel and Nina would learn to play together and become good friends.

Pinky said her prayers, thankful the kitten was safe and back home where she belonged. Rolling on to her side, Pinky was soon fast asleep.


I was born very young in a tiny desert town in So Calif named Hinkley. Hinkley was a great place to grow up, well except for the fact that the power company contaminated the water and gave everyone cancer and they have now bulldozed the town, which is all super sad. However it was a great place to develop a very active imagination as there wasn’t one thing to do there. I had a great imagination and it has come in very handy for ideas for writing. Super Pig is a product of my over active imagination. In fact I’m never really sure if I have really written my stories or if I am imagining it. Just kidding, I think.

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