Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

By Emily Ding.

Nobody knows the piles of lies she resides underneath. The mask caked on her face veils every unique blemish of her skin. Her baggy sweaters hide the ribcage that pokes out of her abdomen, while her skin clenches onto the bones of her body. Trips to the toilet bowl are daily rituals. She feels so weak and empty inside.

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Nobody knows about the boulder on her chest, crushing the heart and mind, feeling and sanity. Simply frozen with papers on the desk, number two pencil in her right hand. She doesn’t remember the pleasures of curling up under the sheets, or even raising the muscles on her cheeks towards the sky.

Nobody knows about that knife. The knife that danced across her wrists to dis-enthrall beads of red. Or her instincts to leap off into the salt-concentrated kingdom, away from hellish reality. Even to just rest, rest
in silence as the roaring engine runs in embrace towards her beat-up soul.

The death cab passes by daily; should she hop on or look away?

One choice could end the gut-wrenching pain, release the hidden burdens on her heart.

She closes her eyes and takes a step towards freedom. Her boots hit the concrete with more and more force as each step becomes faster and bolder.

It’s too late to turn back now.

Away she goes, yet nobody knows.


EMILY DING is a student at Saint Francis High School in the Bay Area. Her hobbies include playing soccer and singing. During her free time, one could find her listening to music on Spotify and reading stories on Wattpad. “Nobody Knows” is her first piece of writing that has been published.

Photo credit: The Idea 2 by Russell Johnson via Flickr CC.

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