Oh Sweet Victim

Oh Sweet Victim

by Sher Boudreau

image by funchick202

Oh sweet victim of mine,
Come closer child and let me feed on thee.
For I am the seeker of the night,
The desolated ironclad heart.
I am the wanderer of the moon and I am eternal.

Tiny satiny red droplets of life-force
I suckle thee voraciously.
Slipping deeper into the chasm that is your fate.
No voice to call out
In the loud silence of night

I see the fear deep within your soul
It calls to me like a siren to the sea.
Heartless and emotionless I finish my feast
Your flesh my nourishment my joy.

I quench my bloodlust as your breath ceases.
Your body putrid and decaying.
No more will I dine on thee.
Oh sweet victim of mine.

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