Paco the Blue Surfing Alpaca

Paco the Blue Surfing Alpaca

by Elaine Fields Smith

art by Elaine Fields Smith

Paco The Blue Surfing Alpaca will be a children’s DVD with real puppets, an authentic beach atmosphere, entertaining musical numbers, and a great storyline.  Loveurple That Purple will be performed by Paco’s sidekick, Fred. Being a beach bum and exposed to a bit too much sun, he is a bit backward and prefers to be called Derf. Production is under way with a goal of release by December 1, 2014.


Elaine is a Native Texas, straight-but not narrow-non-tatooed ex-biker chick with a good sense of humor who can write, grow great tomatoes and grill a mean home-grown steak. She has two books in print, a children’s video project in process, and releasing a book of Cowboy Poetry in March. She’s an all around good gal who is easily amused, and gaining attention as a writer/publisher.

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