Pieces of Her Mind: Women find their Voices in Centuries-Old Forms

Reviewed by Anisa Alice-Claire



Pieces of her Mind is about the centuries-old forms, Senryu, Kyoka, and Haiga.  There is a nice balance between the history of the different types or poetry, the actual poetry, and the journey the authors went on to create the book.  With a professional looking cover, well laid out text, and ‘feel-good’ content, this book is a real gem.

Campion, Ethington, Judkins and Fuller do a brilliant job opening, and then the rest of the group follows suit.  The poetry itself is witty, fun and leaves you feeling satisfied.  There truly is a lot more to this form then one might think at a quick glimpse. It’s also always nice to read about people rediscovering themselves and/or finally realizing what they’re meant to do in their lives.  The personal side all of these women share about themselves makes this book a genuinely awesome read.


Excerpt from Susan Campion’s Introduction: “In September, 2011, a seed was planted by Alvin Thomas Ethington, a published poet and constructivist teacher of a class on short Japanese poetic forms: “I’d like to see a book of senryu written by contemporary women.” I was intrigued and motivated. After some research, I could not find such a book published. In fact, my research showed that senryu originated with men in Japan, dating back to 1746, and was largely dominated by men for years.”

It’s interesting to know this group of talented ladies, and Alvin, found one another through an online writing community.  The Internet has an odd way of bringing some pretty wonderful people together and allowing them to create things like ‘Pieces of her Mind’.


Overall, the quality of this book is pleasing.  It leaves [DL1] hope for the self-publishing world and the realisation that, just because it’s not published by a huge company, doesn’t mean it isn’t high quality.

Well done, ladies… and Alvin!  You’ve written a fine book here.


There is something for everyone.” – Shirley B.

These short, satiric and ironic verses deliver the kind of “one-liner” punch lines you would have found in newspaper comic strips back when funnies were actually funny, and conveyed a message.” – Donald W. Wilson

Some will make you laugh, others will make you laugh so hard you cry.” – Deborah Johnson


I‘m more deeply in love with senryu now than I’ve ever been.” – Liam Wilkinson, Former Editor, Prune Juice.

Like a woman, this book is an artful treasure that can truly be called a modern classic, aesthetically pleasing and emotionally rousing.” – Dianne Collins, Award-winning author of Do you QuantumThink?  New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.

The book’s bittersweet, ironic, poignant, truthful, and painfully revealing verses will delight the taste buds of readers…” – Alan Summers, Japan Times award-winning writer; Editor, Notes from the Gean.


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