Pierce the Sky

Pierce the Sky

By Wendy R. Blair. 

They lay beneath the stars and as he spoke
she saw the world through his discerning eye.
He’d studied lore and legend from the time
when man first looked to rise and pierce the sky.

“Though walls of caves and sculpted plains reflect
the visits of strange gods who long ago
came down to aid a struggling, fledgling world,
a thousand million voices cried,  ’Not so!’

‘We are the only planet God has blessed!‘
Then, in their arrogance, began to try
to colonize this universe they owned.
Like Icarus, they failed to fully fly

For there were those who worked to foil their quest
in fear that man would only spread the taint
that followed in the wake of all he touched.
Through subtle sabotage, space dreams grew faint. 

First, money was diverted from the task
as drought and famine pulled all eyes from Mars.
Then war; and now a thousand years may pass
before mankind can dance among the stars. 

While earth’s destruction, born from greed and hate,
made mankind’s space adventures history
they’ll try anew, those few who did survive.
Some day, perhaps, they’ll solve the mystery. 


So those, like us, beneath Earth’s nighttime sky
who know the wonder of each shining orb
should learn all that we can on this small speck.
There’s still much to observe, much to absorb.”


They’d camouflaged their ship. It hovered near.
Caped limbs entwined, soft ear buds met to kiss.
With wigs adjusted, central eye disguised,
antennae covered, nothing looked amiss.

They wandered through the wilderness, new grown
from ashes where great cities once held sway
to skirt the straw-thatched huts and cooking fires;
continuing their earth-side holiday.

Photo by OiMax.

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