The Place Where the Sun Never Shines

The Place Where the Sun Never Shines

By Sacha Valero.

‘Head north, and when you get to the place where the sun never shines, you’ll be there. Only in the darkness of the frozen wastes can you truly see the magic of the giver of life,’ Assa, the tribal elder told me.

My rite of passage was the same as for all the other men in our village: to seek the Gods’ guidance for the future. At dawn I met Hi’gra, the boatman, who ferried me from the shores of our island to the northern mainland. From there, I was on my own with nothing but hard bread to eat and armed with a short spear, my bow and a quiver of arrows.

As I traveled, the days grew long, and soon the sun set below the mountains and stayed there. It was during the long night that the secret was shown to me. I cannot say how the elders would interpret what I saw. Surely the Gods were pleased, for the sky was like a river of light, eddying pools of green bounded by red and blue, speeding by to be carried over the falls of the distant sky.


Born and raised in Southern California and work as a Technical Writer and got the fiction bug a couple of years ago. I draw inspiration from the works of Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Michael R. Hicks.

In the coastal setting where I live, I enjoy a fairly active lifestyle which I admit, must be maintained to keep up with a rambunctious German Shepherd named Chuck. I enjoy cooking and food of all types, but I’m partial to barbecue.

My first full length novel titled The Woman in Black Origin, is in the final legs of the editing process and I hope to have it ready by spring 2015.

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