Placid Park State of Mind

Placid Park State of Mind

By Fred Anderson.

There are times I long to leave
life’s sound and fury behind
and make my weary way
to a Placid Park state of mind.

I wander down a winding path
around its placid pond
or silently sit pondering
on its emerald ground.

A southern breeze sedately blows
thru budding dogwood trees
whispering ever so softly
now don’t you feel at ease?

I marvel how Mother Nature
doesn’t waste any-thing.
What lays dormant through the winter
rises like new in spring.

Nature paints her pastel portrait
brimming with sight and sound.
She celebrates the cycle of life
in seasons the year round.


FRED ANDERSON is an emerging poet and lyricist originally from upstate New York. He has published poems in Long Story Short and numerous letters in the Richmond Times Dispatch and Powhatan Today. Currently retired, he resides in Virginia with his wife and cat.

Photo credit: untitled by qJake via Flickr CC.

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Anne Latartara


This beautiful poem with its wonderful images and alliterations puts me in a peaceful state of mind!

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