The Railroad Engineer

The Railroad Engineer

By Nancy Davis.

A man to fear, when he was near, they listened to his voice,
he’d tell them how, and they would bow, they really had no choice.
The man was hired to do a job and he would get it done.
They had to build a railroad west. He was the chosen one.

His piercing eyes and sun streaked hair, and chiseled features strong,
had helped him find acceptance there, and they would go along,
with rowdy nights and whiskey fights, and jaded doves in tow,
the necessary evils if you want the track to grow.

He had to keep them all in line, he saw they did their work.
He had to get to “X” on time around the jutting quirk.
Then up and over rocky crag into the flats again,
where he could take the time to brag the race was theirs to win.

While sickness, mud and Indians were problems they would face,
the tents that make a city up must move from place to place.
Morale ran low but he would know just how to spread good news.
He promised them at end of day that he’d supply the booze.

They’d party on, then with the dawn, they’d wake and never fail
to go to work and set the ties to stretch ten miles of rail.
They’d build a bridge from ridge to ridge and pray that it would hold,
and with success they won the West that’s how the story’s told.


Nancy Davis: I have been writing poetry seriously for two years now. I love sonnets and I tend to do the dramatic and sad although I am normally a happy person except for the loss of my husband which prompted me to write. My poetry comes from my heart and it comforts me. I love poetry and I am learning more about it every day!

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