Review: Sygillis of Metratron

Review: Sygillis of Metratron

review by Anisa A. Claire

Sygillis of Metratron: League of Elder

by Ren Garcia

“In the far distant future, man is no longer man—he is Elder, awash in life-long youth, health and Gifts of the Mind…”

Don’t Judge this Book by its first Few Chapters!

Seriously, don’t judge this book by its intro. I found the first few chapters to be a little dry, but once I got through them the story and writing really started to pick up. This is an elaborate world with intricately woven details. There is a lot going on and that could account for slight information dump right out of the gates. I found the interactions between characters to be well thought out and flowing. Descriptions of places/things weren’t over done and, overall, I enjoyed this read. I would recommend it to SciFi lovers looking for more of an epic-style read and not to people who are looking for an quick book to flip through.

The artwork is amazing and, in my opinion, adds to the tone of the book. Also, I found fight scenes to be done very well, which is a pretty tough thing to master as a writer. This book is original, unique, and without posting any spoilers, worth adding to your reading list. There are also a lot of powerful female characters and that’s always nice.

“Serving celestial beings known as the Elders, man formed the League, a collection of Great Houses scattered on numerous worlds dedicated to defending life and serving the benevolent will of the Elders.”

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