Roses for Christmas

Roses for Christmas

By Riss-Ryker.

Twins, Kevin and Kimberly, stared forlornly out the kitchen window as the snow fell heavily outside.

“Mom’s rose bush is dead now for sure.” Kevin said softly.

“I know. Where’s dad?” Kim asked, not seeing the truck in the driveway.

“You know where he is.” Kevin told her, “He’s always there, visiting her.”

“I miss mom, Kevin, so much. I have a feeling Christmas isn’t coming to this house.”

Kevin put his arm around his twin, angry at his father. They ALL missed mom. But they were still here! He looked over at the bare tree, tears filling his eyes.

Jacob came home after the kids went to bed, putting their gifts half heartedly under the tree, falling into a troubled sleep.

“Dad! Kevin! Come quick!” Kimberly screamed.

Leaping out of their beds, they ran downstairs to Kim, following her shining eyes. Their mom’s rose bush was in full bloom.


My name is Riss, I’m 50 yrs. old, and after 30 yrs. of thinking about writing, I finally decided to let the beast out. When I’m writing, the whole world except for the one I’m creating, disappears for a while. All my worries, stress and hardships just goes away until there’s nothing left except myself, a blank canvas, and the stories that live  inside.

“And all writing is creating or spinning dreams for other people so they won’t have to bother doing it themselves.”

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