Safe Travel

Safe Travel

By Jennifer Knee.

The wind sifted through the strands of her tangled hair and tossed them about Jenna’s face. Pulling its strength from the ocean, the air felt good against the back of her damp neck and sun-warmed face. She felt the gentle press of wet sand beneath her feet. The ceramic container in her hands began to feel heavy and the realization drew her attention to it.

Jenna felt that familiar sting in her eyes, the way her throat tightened in protest, and wished she could blame it on the salt water.

“Time to be brave.”

It was what her husband wanted, his ashes scattered out to sea so he could travel forever. It was time to let him go.

Opening the lid, she spread what was left of her husband into the ocean he loved so much, his ‘seashore’, as he called it.

“Goodbye, love. Safe travels.”


JENNIFER KNEE is a writer, mother and nurse. She loves taking care of people, creating and spending time with her family and friends. When she isn’t doing those, she can be found reading a good book, making greeting cards or singing karaoke. She believes life is meant for living and giving.

Photo credit: Sea pink at Sands of Wright by CaptainOats via Flickr CC.

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