Sea Dancer

Sea Dancer

By Craig Lincoln.

Is she a sea dancer
Or just a sea prancer
An ocean sprite
On a frivolous flight
This ocean dweller among seaweed
Born of the oceans primeval seed
What name could I call her by
Some form of coral I could try
I raise my voice and call to the sea
Carol I cry come visit with me
Come to me dancer of the deep
I long to be with you in your keep
I receive no reply from my calls
No answer for me from Neptune’s halls
She hears my plea I’m sure of this
Yet she lingers below in the waters warm kiss
On the sand alone I wait
Beneath the waves awaits my fate


CRAIG LINCOLN is a writer with poetry as a focus. He has a website He has 2 poetry collections on kindle ebooks: Dance Macabre and A Minds Eye View Come Talk With Me both books are available from Amazon.

Photo credit: Parallel lines by Andy Grant via Flickr CC.

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