Sell Mate

Sell Mate

By Frank De Canio. 

“In that case I’ll move in with you,” she said,
when I asked her for cut-rate real estate
in Boston – hoping to rattle her head.
Instead I became the fugitive date
of a girl who worked in a clothing store.
Her pat down of the mettle in my sass
was something I was not preparing for,
when preying on this unsuspecting lass.
Arresting thus my sensibility –
like a police detective packing heat –
she all but took me into custody,
along with remnants of my brash conceit.
Thus, rather than awaiting further liens
on me, I purchased bail with Gucci jeans.


FRANK DE CANIO was born & bred in New Jersey, works in York. He loves music of all kinds, from Bach to Amy Winehouse. He attends a Café Philo in Manhattan where he works. Shakespeare is his consolation and he also likes Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg and Sylvia Plath as poets.

Photo by Nate Steiner.

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