Shaping Circumstance

Shaping Circumstance

by Olivia G. Owens

image provided by Olivia G. Owens

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Free flowing but unpredictable an essence
It comes and goes, can’t feel its presence
Tenacity of purpose favors all around
Whether be light or dark and menacing a cloud

No rhyme or reason, all but circumstance
Perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy or happenstance
The driving force that keeps the greater goal in sight
A thin balancing wire we walk to reach the light

Preparation, inspiration always go hand in hand
Opportunity or destiny waiting to be found
Rational perspective may be just a probability
Or self-fulfilling prophecy a step above insanity

Call destiny a good thing when it goes our way
‘Beyond our control’ we say when things will go astray
The uncontrollable deterministic force laughing in jest
‘You are the pawns in the oft-losing game of chess’

Reactions to all actions are laws of this vast land
Free will is ours when life’s spicy or a little bland
Good luck or bad, maybe we make it all our own
Whether we’re struggling or sitting on a throne


I am a second generation American and a native expatriate. I use several pseudonyms because I believe they give me an air of mystery. The more pseudonyms, the bigger the mystery. I have yet to be published, but my hopes are high. I recently received an offer for my work to be published in a reputable publication entitled “Common Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make.” I am very excited. In my spare time, I raise two little boys who are six and seven years old.

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