She Was

She Was

By Nancy E. Davis. 

The darkness that envelops her is shutting out the light.
She doesn’t know that help is close at hand.
She shuffles, careful where she steps, so fearful of the night.
Confusion reigns, she doesn’t understand.

Her only thought is where to go, she needs to find relief,
she’s aching, shaking, searching for a fix,
while any friend she happens on will make the meeting brief,
avoiding problems, won’t get in the mix.

She is a lost soul traveling down a path to some bad end.
She didn’t heed the detour signs at all.
Somehow we need to rescue her and help her start to mend.
She’s on the brink- we need to break her fall.

For only light can penetrate the darkness of despair,
while love’s the balm that heals a broken soul.
We need to let her know that when she needs us, we’ll be there,
With her we’ll bond to help her get control.

She once was one of Heaven’s own, a ray of shining light.
But then the Devil found her and he claimed her for his own,
so now she stumbles blindly in the Devil’s darkest night.
We have to penetrate the dark so she won’t be alone.

Photo by Steven Depolo.

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