by TL Hill

art by chevsy

Nineteen hundred and six was the year
When the earth shook wild and instilled the fear
Where the ground just split and opened wide
And strange flying creatures lay inside

Wings began flapping in the early hours
They flew up and sat upon the highest of towers
Their giant wings fanning the hot dry air
People just stood and stopped and stared

How long had they slept down in the earths crust?
How hungry for food was their blood lust?
These creatures with scales and sharp talons for feet
Soon began killing and eating their meat

Where once there was peace and angels roamed
Now fire blew and dragons moaned
Their scales shone bright in the burning sun
In fear the people could only run

Run they did with all their might
Some turned around and tried to fight
But the dragon’s breath blazed all around
Burning Los Angeles to the ground

Note: This is based on the 1906 earth quake that shook California.


TL Hill says “I am a lover of life and words with the motivational drive of a cow. Someday I shall overcome and finish writing the damn book.”

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