A Long Story Short Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

*We’ve taken our first step towards becoming a paying market for writers!

(See compensation section below)




It is currently the policy of A Long Story Short to accept submissions at all times. Because of this, it may take several months before we respond to your submission. We do not believe in silent rejections. One way or another, you will eventually get a response.

We accept submissions of works that have previously been published as well as those that have never been published before. In our selection, content is given preference over publishing status. For our purposes, any work that has been posted or otherwise made publicly or easily available is considered to have been previously published. This includes blogs, social media sites (including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter), and artistic sites (including but not limited to Deviant Art and any writer’s community site with open membership). We also accept submissions that are currently under consideration elsewhere. If you have any questions about this, direct them to

If you need to withdraw a submission for any reason, or to inform us of a change in the status of a submission, let us know by sending an e-mail to We check regularly for these messages and will make note of changes immediately.

What We Are Looking For

We accept all genres of flash fiction or prose (both fiction and non-fiction) up to 2000 words and poetry up to 32 lines. Instructional and/or informative articles of interest to writers should also be 2000 words or less.

Submissions for the column Help, I Don’t See The Problem should not be over 1000 words. When submitting to this column you are granting the editors of A Long Story Short permission to publish a critique of your story. If you wish, stories in this column can be published as anonymous.

Submissions for the column Only Writers Get It should not be over 500 words, but if it’s very funny we might stretch the word limit here. These submissions are for humorous anedotes or experiences connected with being a writer.

Our Next Generation column is for showcasing the prose or poetry of writers under the age of eighteen (18). The prose must not exceed 2000 words and poetry should be 32 lines or less. Permission to publish the work of these writers must come from their parent or guardian. Please include your age in your author’s bio.

How to Submit

We accept submissions by email to In the subject line, enter the word Submission plus Prose, Poetry, Help, Get It, Next, or Article, depending on what section of the magazine you are submitting to.


Start your email with the title of the submission, your name (or pen name for publication) and approximate word or line count (if poetry). Paste your submission into the body of your email. Following your submission, include a short bio written in third person to be published with your story. Bios may include up to three (3) links: your blog or website and links for one (1) published book. For those long Amazon, Ibooks, Smashwords, etc. links, provide us with a shortened version.

Include your Writer’s Carnival username if you are an upgraded member.  This is an important step for compensation. (See compensation section below)

Please state if the piece you are submitting has been previously published (as defined above) and if it is currently under consideration elsewhere.

We reserve the right to refuse offensive or inappropriate content.


Starting with our July 2015 issue, we are taking our first step toward becoming a paying market for writers!  If you are an upgraded Writer’s Carnival member, compensation is as follows…


Poetry and Flash Fiction (under 1,000 words): $5.00 USD

Prose  (1,000 to 1,500 words): $10.00 USD

Prose (1,500 to 2,000 words):  $15.00 USD 

Currently, for GENERAL SUBMISSIONS (non-upgraded WC members), the only compensation we can offer is the exposure your writing will receive to our readers.

Our eventual goal is to become a paying market for all accepted submissions through sales of our print magazine.  At the moment, though, it is through the upgrade fees that we are able to pay site expenses and publication fees without charging a reading fee or flooding the site with advertising. 

If you are interested in becoming an upgraded Writer’s Carnival member, click HERE for full details.  You’ll not only be able to submit to LSS for paid publication opportunities but to Reader’s Carnival quarterly magazine, as well.  On top of that, you will be able to enter the $100 cash-prize contests on Writer’s Carnival, post your stories and poems for feedback in the community, and list your self-published books on the WC Bookshelf.  Your membership will also open the door for everything else that WC has to offer.

To learn more about Writer’s Carnival, click HERE.


You must own all copyrights to your submission.

For previously published and unpublished work, we assert non-exclusive worldwide electronic rights and non-exclusive worldwide print rights. In both cases, we also assert non-exclusive rights to archive the work on our website. All copyrights remain with the author.

We reserve the right to make minor editing changes.