Sun Struck

Sun Struck

By Rebecca Braun

Photo via Pixabay.

I love how it makes me feel,
each ray of warmth
on my face.

A hot summer beach,
your fingers
spreading the lotion,
the excitement
of a boat, waiting,
the motor revving,
the smell of gas.
Then off on a wave
through waters
smooth as glass,
the sun beating down
on our shoulders and our toes.

The boat heads into a cove
rocking on the rolling water.
The motor cuts,
the anchor drops.
Beads of perspiration,
life preservers buckled,
jumping in the cold cool lake
heat and cold collide
inside the wake.

I lie here on my back
floating on the surface
with my eyes closed
and the sun beating down.
So perfect,
the world at this moment,
the sun’s rays caressing my body,
cool waters washing away
thoughts in my mind,
arms and legs outstretched
floating so gently.

Water splashes on my face!
You grab me and pull me under,
your lips
draw me to the surface,
and the summer heat shines
on our flushed faces.

Magnificent sun star
gleams and glows
without time or space,
a moment frozen in this place,
molded and melted
to let us dance
in life and love.


Rebecca Braun says, “I live in Minnesota. What can I say? It’s cold here! I am a semi-retired music teacher looking for a new career, and hoping it will be writing! I have a border collie whose name is May, and a kitty-kat named Maple. I love flower gardening, snowshoeing, taking long walks with my dog, and writing poetry.”

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