Super Pig’s Night Before Christmas

Super Pig’s Night Before Christmas

By Roxanna Andrews

Twas the night before Christmas and on Hollyhock Farm
Not a creature was stirring, they were asleep in the barn.

Their feed bags were hung on their stall doors with care
In hopes that Mr. Farmer would refill them there.

The animals were snuggled all warm in the hay,
Where they dreamt of hide and seek and other games they play.

When into the night a call for help was shouted,
Pinky Pig leapt from her bed as if wings she had sprouted.

She ran to the barn door and into the night,
Then fast to the woodshed, her feet taking flight.

Then on with her cape and on with her mask,
Then into the dark night to her rescuing task.

The night was too dark for our hero to see,
Then she had an idea, “To the lookout tree”!

Up the ladder she scurried to the telescope there,
She put an eye to the scope and she looked with great care.

The clouds above parted and the moon shown down,
Huge snowflakes drifted slowly to the ground.

The moon light shown on a the tiniest of ears,
And below them the tiniest pink nose did appear.

Super Pig jumped from the lookout stand,
Into the deep drifted snow she ran.

The snow, it all but covered her head,
“This is a night to ride in the sled.”

Then away to the north she heard a loud sound,
It started out low and wound all around.

Then became a roar that was oh so loud,
Followed by snow sprayed up in a long, white cloud.

It was Santa himself, on a motorbike of red,
“I hear a rescue’s in order,” the jolly man said.

“I knew you needed me and needed me quick,
But my sleigh is too heavy, the ground much to slick.

So I jumped on my bike and away I did ride,
So climb up here and stay close to my side.”

Over the snow, they flew like a flock of red grouse,
And discovered the tiny pink nose belonged to a mouse.

Little Annie mouse, that was her name,
And she had gotten lost while playing a game.

“Then the snow came down and I couldn’t see,
Oh thank you so much for rescuing me!”

Super Pig scooped her up and away they did go,
To the barn for warm blankets and hot cocoa,

Santa pulled up to the barn with a loud roar,
And let them off at the big barn door,

Then with a wink and a wave of his hand,
He used his heel amd kicked up the stand.

And away he flew like a bird in flight,
But I heard him exclaim as he roared out of sight,

“Super Pig you are small, but you have great might,
You did a good thing rescuing Annie Mouse tonight,

You are good and kind I can plainly see,
They’ll be something extra for you under your tree.”

Under Super Pig’s tree, to her delight,
She found a new mask and cape that fit just right.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

I was born very young in a tiny desert town in So Calif named Hinkley. Hinkley was a great place to grow up, well except for the fact that the power company contaminated the water and gave everyone cancer and they have now bulldozed the town, which is all super sad. However it was a great place to develop a very active imagination as there wasn’t one thing to do there. I had a great imagination and it has come in very handy for ideas for writing. Super Pig is a product of my over active imagination. In fact I’m never really sure if I have really written my stories or if I am imagining it. Just kidding, I think.

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