Sweet Bird

Sweet Bird

by Kelleigh Elizabeth Rae

art by Juanita and Anisa

There once was a little blue bird, her parent’s named her Faythe. Faythe was very special because she had two red feathers on her chest in the shape of a heart. Her mommy and daddy called her their little “Sweet Bird” because Faythe loved to bake sweets and treats for her family and friends.

Although Faythe had lots of friends, sometimes she felt very sad. Her mommy told her she was born too weak to fly, so she had never left the nest in the hollow of the old oak tree. Daddy always tried to cheer Faythe up by bringing her lots of goodies to bake into her cupcakes and cookies, but Faythe wanted so badly to fly.

When her mommy and daddy flew off during the day, Faythe would stand in the kitchen and sing while she baked. She had the most beautiful voice, and the other forest animals would sit at the base of the tree to listen. Faythe didn’t know they were there.

One day, a beautiful bird, which was covered in bright yellow feathers, landed on the branch outside of the little window in the kitchen. Faythe was frightened, for she did not know who this bird was.

“Who…who are you?” she asked the yellow bird.

“My name is Hope. I heard you singing and I think you have the most beautiful voice.”

“Thank you, Hope. I didn’t know anyone could hear me.”

“Of course they can, Faythe, but they all want you to fly down and sing where they can hear you.

Faythe hung her head down. “I can’t fly, my wings are too weak. If I leave the nest for the forest floor, I might never get back up.” Faythe walked to the stove and took out a fresh batch of cupcakes. “Would you like one?” she asked Hope

“Yes, thank you.” Hope took the warm little cake and nibbled on the edge. “Faythe, this is the best cupcake I have ever eaten. Why don’t you try to sell them to the animals down below? I’m sure they would love them

“But how would I get them down?” Faythe asked

“Well you’d have to fly, of course.” Hope chirped

“Then I guess I will never know, for I cannot fly.” Faythe was sad. She wanted so badly to fly down and meet the other animals

“Have you ever tried?” Hope asked her. “Maybe you can fly, you just don’t know it.”

“No, everyone says I am too weak. Mommy and Daddy would be scared that I would be hurt.” Faythe had a tear in her eye. “I want to fly so I can play with my friends and meet new people

“Can you come out on the ledge?” Hope asked her. “I would really like to see your wings

“Okay,” Faythe agreed, as she hopped out of the front door and onto the branch

“Now spread your wings,” Hope told her.

Faythe spread out her wings as far as she could, but they were crooked and weak.

“Hmm,” said Hope. “Let me see if I can help.” Hope hopped over to each wing and helped Faythe spread them wide.

“Oh Hope, that feels so much better. They feel strong like this.”

Hope showed her how to turn her feathers back and forth. She returned the next day, and the day after that, and soon, Faythe’s wings were quite strong and she didn’t need Hope to help her straighten them anymore. The two girls practiced flying movements during the day, and in the evening, Faythe would bake cupcakes and Hope flew them down to the animals below

At night, Faythe dreamed of flying. She knew how to use her wings to fly up and down, how to go fast and how to go slower. She was so happy now that she sang all day long, and the forest animals below loved it

One warm day, Faythe decided she was ready to try and fly. Hope was at her side in case she fell. They practiced all of the wing movements Faythe had learned before she left the branch. Mommy and Daddy flew home early and saw Faythe out on the branch

“What are you doing, my sweet bird?” Mommy asked

“I want to fly, and my friend Hope has taught me.” Faythe and Hope smiled

“But, Faythe, your wings are too weak and you will fall to the forest floor.” Daddy said. Her parents were very worried Faythe might get hurt

“Mommy and Daddy, I know I can do this. Please let me try. I promise I won’t get hurt.” Faythe begged them

“Okay,” they said, “but we will be right here to watch you

Faythe and Hope prepared to take off. Faythe put her head down and held her wings at her sides, just as Hope had taught her

“Ready?” Hope asked

“Ready!” Faythe said, as they both hopped off the branch. Faythe went down towards the forest floor, and got scared that she might crash.

“Open your wings, Faythe,” Hope called to her

She opened her wings wide and turned her feathers. Suddenly Faythe was going up, not down. She flapped her wings and flew even higher.

“You did it, Faythe, you can fly!” Hope yelled out as Mommy and Daddy clapped and cheered from the branch. Faythe flew up into the sunlight, and when the sun hit her wings, her parents could see that they were outlined in gold. She was a very special little bird after all.

Faythe returned to the branch and hugged Mommy and Daddy. The forest animals all cheered from down below. Hope just smiled and said, “I knew you could do it.”

From that day on, Faythe and Hope were the best of friends. Faythe taught Hope how to bake, and they started a cupcake business. Each took turns flying the cupcakes down to the other animals, or to other nests, and Faythe made all kinds of new friends. They called their new business “Sweet Bird” and became the most well-known bakers in the whole forest.

Faythe always knew she could do it if she just tried really hard and practiced a whole lot. She may have been born weak, but she had a strong heart, and now she knew she could do anything if she just put her mind to it. <3 <3 <3


Kelleigh Elizabeth Rae is a full-time Registered Nurse at a Children’s Hospital by night, and a writer by day.   Her self-published work won the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival in 2012, fan-fiction category.  She has also won multiple online writing contests.  She currently lives outside of Seattle with her small army of bunnies.

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