Tara’s Blues

Tara’s Blues

by Eric McChesney

art by Joakim Olofsson

Tara stands there alone, wondering what others may think.
Her fragile heart races with anticipation, “Are they staring at me?”
Tara’s frail little body is a harsh comparison to those of others.
Within her being, Tara knows she is not attractive as the others.

Walking along the city streets alone, tears are shed.
Starving from not having a bite to eat, Tara trudges on.
Afraid of asking for donations, she ignores potential confrontations.
Tara stops in front of a bakery, a slice of bread would be perfect now.

Afraid of being pushed away, Tara walks on without another glance.
Tara feels a sharp pain within the soles of her worn feet.
She looks down to see that her shoes have worn.
As she passes a garbage can, Tara tosses them away.

How could have life turned so badly, so quickly?
Only 18 years of age, Tara has been alone for six months.
The money she held so dearly, gone within a flash.
Only possessions left are the tattered clothes she now wears.

Tara turns down an abandoned alleyway.
She looks to her right and to the left looking for a quiet place to rest.
It has been a long day searching for food to eat.
God must be pleased with the effort, Tara lives to see another day.


Eric writes poetry that comes from personal experiences and from experiences that are witnessed from his ever watching eyes. His poetry is often dark and speaks of the troubles that today’s society is suffering from. Writing since his junior year in high school, Eric has documented, through poetry, his ups and downs as he navigates his way through life. When he is not writing, Eric enjoys reading science fiction novels and the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. An avid soccer enthusiast, he coaches many soccer teams as well as plays in leagues that consist of outdoor as well as indoor soccer.

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A struggling scene you have painted here in this vignette of a young homeless girl, who has lost her path. Down to the simplest, most basic and raw aspects of living. Very good read. 🙂

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