The Bright Red Bird

The Bright Red Bird

by Patricia Crandall.


The bright red bird

sits upon the swaying branch of a tree.

Tree limb upon limb upon limb

sways with gentle wind.

Pure white snow surrounds the acreage.

The bright red bird

sitting silent, composed

a vivid pleasure to my eye.

His mate

has left his presence

while I admire him.

The bright red bird.

I shall not harm him,

The sun shines fleetly

on snow and the red bird.

He flies away.

In the distance

buff-colored mate

flies with him.

PATRICIA CRANDALL has three books in print: a thriller, THE DOG MEN, a historical volume, MELROSE: THEN AND NOW, and a poetry book, I PASSED THIS WAY. She is currently working on an adventure/thriller novel and a book of bottle mining adventures. She lives with her husband on a lake in the Grafton Mountains in upstate New York

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