The Diagnosis

The Diagnosis

By Buck Dopp.

Angela Brown lived alone in a small, but tidy, two-bedroom house. She kept the home as neat and clean as her fifth grade classroom. Although the teacher didn’t have a roommate, she never felt lonely, because whenever Angela needed a shoulder to cry on, her friend Miss Boots had her back.

The perfect sounding board, Miss Boots never judged or gave advice. She listened, occasionally nodded and sometimes licked her face.

Miss Boots was a Siamese cat.

One day while they were watching TV, Miss Boots bit Angela’s left breast so hard it drew blood.

“What’s wrong with you?” Angela screamed. She snatched the kitty by the back of the neck and pitched her into the backyard. Before slamming the door, she yelled, “Spend the night outside.”

The wound did not heal, which scared Angela enough for her to make an appointment with Dr. Branson who ran many tests. A week later, he called her into his office.

“Angela, I have some bad news for you,” he said with a frown. “You have a cancerous lump in your left breast.”

“That’s what Miss Boots was trying to tell me!” Angela said.

Dr. Branson smiled. “The good news is that we caught it early enough to begin treatment before it spreads. You’re going to be fine.”

When she arrived home that afternoon, Angela carried a large plastic bag gorged with goodies.

“Miss Boots?”

The furry feline sauntered out of the bedroom yawning.

“I got all your favorite treats.”

Miss Boots cocked her head to one side and purred. “Meow.”

“Because you saved my life…that’s why…Thanks.”


BUCK DOPP is a freelance writer living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. His first novel, “Kingpin and Eli” may be purchased at, or

Photo by Ana Rodríguez Carrington.

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