Poetry Part #5

Poetry Part #5



Pillars of soft green emeralds rising

Like solidified columns of sweet incense

From darkness, moving into the light

Night into day, obscurity into prominence

Mother Nature’s busy network never sleeps

Through veins of promises, building for the future

Her buds appearing like roses through the ashes

When life seemed to fade, it came to be again

My plant by the window smiling at the sun

Taught me to never give up on hope

As long as there is still a glimmer of life

I will take her into my compassionate hands

She appointed me her trusted guardian

To watch over her through thick and thin

I’m to be the one to control her fate

The one to find her needs

And administer to them

I’m to rise above my littleness

And grow into something of worth

My plant by the window will be

An extension of myself, my exalted self





I’ve a friend

who is a movin’,

a movin’ man is he,

from one house to another.

Oh! Such a sight to see.

Fur and feet a flyin’

adds mirth to his mad frenzy.

So much to do

so little time.

How will he ever finish?

The list of things that “must be done”

will surely not diminish.

Every time one gets completed

the “must do” list’s replenished.

My friend,

he lies awake at night

counting boxes instead of sheep.

What can he truly part with

when it’s all he wants to keep?

For a pack rat such as he is

this is not an easy feat.

No telling how much time will pass

before my friend can rest.

In his obsessive compulsive way,

assured he’s done his best.

How comforting to hear him say

“I’m now settled in my new nest.”


by Debbie Hilbish

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