The Quest

The Quest

by Travis Baribeau

art by Alayna

I cracked the code that held the key
“This path I bestow unto thee”
A map inside a wooden chest
Sealed in wax, my family crest

It took me through the Dark Wood Grove
Down Stoney’s Bluffs to Moresby Cove
Along the shores of Crystal Bay
And through the swamps of Endless Day

I fought the storms of Howler’s Pass
With wind blown ice that cut like glass
Then at the Temple of The Sun
It took me West through Smuggler’s Run

It seems the “X” has marked this place
And you’re the fear I am to face
Deep in this cave of ancient stone
A mighty beast upon his throne

The dragon tilts his massive head
Judging me and what I’ve said
“You are the one,” he says at last
“The prophecy has come to pass”


Travis is a Superintendent for a construction company in Vancouver, B.C.  He is originally from the Canadian prairies, but eventually settled on the west coast.  Travis enjoys writing and reading poetry, playing guitar, and losing a few hours in the world of x-Box.

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