The Sea Hag

The Sea Hag

By Nancy E Davis.

Aye, hind sight’s twenty, twenty mate and always crystal clear,
displaying what the problem was and when it did appear.
For when I dug into the past to see where I went wrong,
I saw just when the die was cast; it came back very strong.

I couldn’t fight the feeling when, it burned within me soul.
I found it so appealing that I simply lost control.
Me destiny had beckoned, see, it soon got out of hand.
I knew me future was the sea and so I made a plan.

The day I ran away from home, mate, I was just a lad,
I heard the sea’s soft whispering, not knowing that was bad.
I signed up on a clipper ship, “The Sea Hag” was her name.
Me fate was in the making then, it’s me I have to blame.

It’s true I saw the world a while and sailed the seven seas.
When sirens lured the ship aground – I saw the death of me.
The vessel crashed upon the rocks, I heard the sailor’s cries-
and anguished prayers of dying men reduced to ocean’s sighs.

I rued the day I set to sea and cursed that charted course.
I mourned the life I could have lived and suffered deep remorse.
The ocean rose to claim me as I slipped beneath the waves
and cursing fate I joined me mates in deep dark silent graves.

Aye, hind sight’s twenty, twenty, mate, I think ya might agree
and now I’m feeding fishes on the bottom of the sea.

Photo by Todd Murray

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