The Stranger

The Stranger

By Nancy E Davis.

I met a stranger in my search for happiness one day,
he wore a smile that did beguile and had a lot to say.
He handed me a crystal cup and I took tiny sips,
the taste was nectar on my tongue and honey on my lips.

He told me of a far off land, that we could reach by sea
where I would find my happiness and he would go with me.
So hypnotized by sky blue eyes I quickly took his hand,
and let the stranger take me off to that uncharted land.

With trust a must, I followed him and not once looked behind.
He was a gentle loving soul, untouched by human kind.
We lived and loved in paradise that was unknown to man,
but as men do, they found it too. They took it from us then.

They wouldn’t sup from our sweet cup they favored bitter brew,
and paradise was swallowed up, no longer dreams came true.
So late one night we took our flight and fled our isle of dreams
in search of happiness again; for such is life it seems.

Photo by Praveen

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