The Terror of Modern Halloween

The Terror of Modern Halloween

by Kim Bussey

“Mrs. Tyler gave me an apple.”

Jack smiled down at his costumed son, “I’m sure you have plenty of candy too.”

It was a perfect Halloween. The crisp wind blew fallen maple leaves across the sidewalk.  Above, the harvest moon cast its web, capturing a fleeing squirrel and prowling cat.

”Look, Dad! Mom turned off all the lights!”

”Come on, Son.” Sensing something was wrong, Jack grabbed Danny’s hand and hurried up the drive to their home.
”Jack, finally!” Beth was shaking. “The Thompson boy tripped and broke a tooth on our porch! His mother is going to sue!”


Kim-BusseyKim Bussey is a graduate of Ohio State University. She spent twenty years as a fact checker and editor for two of the top five publishing houses in the US and continues as an independent editor today. Many of her short stories and flash fiction have been published or taken first place in national contests. She’s currently working on her first novel.

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