The Water’s Edge

The Water’s Edge

By Jody Wahl.

Brian and Katrina leave the doctor’s office. Neither have said a word since the doctor stopped talking. They just nodded their heads and left.

“Please, take me to the seashore.” Katrina says through her tears.

They walk hand in hand to the water’s edge. Brian&Katrina. They’ve been together so long their names are one word now.

Brian turns to the woman he has loved since they were kids, runs his finger softly around her earlobe, he leans in and whispers “A perfect seashell.” Katrina smiles, tears still welling in her eyes.

“I’ve been so afraid…” Katrina starts.

“I know baby, me too.”

He wraps her tightly in his arms until she sighs and leans back into him. Together they watch the last bit of the sun slide into the ocean.

“Remission.” Katrina says.

“Remission.” Brian responds.

Tomorrow is a new day.


JODY WAHL is a writer currently working on a collection of short stories. She finds her inspiration in the tranquility of the Colorado mountains, where she lives with her husband and two rambunctious dachshunds. You can visit her at:

Photo Credit: Myall National Park NSW Oz – 29 by Kyle Taylor via Flickr CC.

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