By Jessie Maxwell.

Carl crawled along the sand; it felt harsh against his bare skin. He had been in a tight situation up until he decided it was time to leave – to move on – to find somewhere he could fit in and be comfortable. It was empowering to move out, but that was a week ago. Being on his own was less glamorous than he thought… sleeping between rocks, scraping for food – now he lay, sunburned, exhausted and without options. As the waves began to lap at him, he contemplated the loneliness of being surrounded by beach-goers who didn’t notice him. As children scampered by, one of them dropped a found treasure: a round snail shell. In a last surge of desperation, Carl clawed through the sand to it. When he got there he knew; he crawled inside the damp, cool curls of his new home that fit a hermit crab perfectly.


JESSIE MAXWELL is a weaver of tales of animals and nature, a lover of quests and a seeker of delicious coffee and a good view.  Follow her on Twitter @jess_sea.

Photo credit: Hermit Crab by Robert Neff via Flickr CC.

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