By Robert L. Martin.

Castles and courtyards, manicured gardens
Trumpeting in the arrival of kingly parsons
A hymn to the light of morning’s dawning
Of waking forests and morning glories yawning

An interlude calling for heavy music to wait
For a sound to take us up to heaven’s gate
Arise Gabriel and play thy trumpet so soft
Like silken clouds that roam and float aloft

Lonely melody spilling tears so sweet
Down a sad road and darkened street
An ode to the nightingale so calm demure
A haunting song with a sound so pure

The musical embodiment of a weeping sigh
Music sweeping through the portals on high
Compassion running through the streets of lore
Pulsating waves coming back for more

Breathing so beautiful, Gabriel play on
An ode to the heavens and places beyond
In quiet spaces where the Almighty reigns
With the music sweetly
Flowing through thy veins
Lift thy trumpet to thy lips
Hail to the seas and
Bring in the ships

Photo by SubtlePanda.

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