Tubing the River Should be Fun

Tubing the River Should be Fun

By Elaine Fields Smith. 

Floatin’ the Frio River
On a tube is lots of fun
SPF 50 on bare skin
Cold water and hot sun.

There was beautiful scenery
I couldn’t hardly see
Couldn’t risk losing my glasses
In that water fast and deep.

Colorful tubes all sprouting
Arms and legs all around
And almost nowhere
Will you encounter a frown.

Interesting people, yes
And, yes, even some dogs
Of course most of the humans
Were partaking lots of grog.

Magnificent tall trees
Line the riverside
There’s a Tarzan type rope
And even a water slide.

Yes, everything was great
Floatin’ the Rio Frio
Until my foot hit a sharp rock
And it up and broke my big toe.

I limped away in pain
But swore it was great fun
I fought the Frio River
And the river bottom won.

Photo by Niamh <>

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