Unlucky in Love

Unlucky in Love

By Rebecca Braun. 

Oh, I’ll sing you a song
of the woes of my gender,
the sweet and the choke
of love’s questionable splendor.

Good luck in finding
the loves of my life,
bad luck in keeping them,
oh, the pain and the strife.

The good ones are married
so I’ve been left with the used,
men who are battered
down on their luck, or abused.

I’ve been a good wife
always sweet and demure,
how could they leave me?
Wasn’t my fault, I’m sure.

Bad luck is my plight
when it comes to lovin’, my friend,
when a “sure thing” comes my way
you can be sure it’s the end.

So, I’ll sing of the good ones
that surely “left a mark”,
they were lucky for a moment
but, always broke my heart.


Becky grew up in the Midwest, and now resides in Eagan, Minnesota, with her loyal border collie, May. They enjoy long walks and snowshoeing in the winter. She believes her writing inspiration comes through walking a spiritual path and being open to the universe. In her first life she taught music for over twenty years. Now, she is pursuing her second life and passion, writing.

Photo by Rosmarle Voegtli

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