Water Babies

Water Babies

By Berti Walker.

It wasn’t air that filled their lungs with the last gasp of the babes, and as the water seeped within, their tiny spirits fled. But they were found far out at sea lying on sea beds by mothers who had taken their last walk upon dry land and did not mourn their legs.

With a flip of a new-found fin, the water babies wriggled. The water maidens cooed and clucked their tongues to watch them struggle.

Sometimes sailors, if they’re watchful, claim to see them frolic by their vessels. But even they, the lucky few, who spotted the gilled creatures, knew not what their spirits held that gave up their breath on land to live below the waves.

168822_1818917437798_5736791_nBorn in California, Berti has spent half of her life living in sunny South Florida. She is an author, artist, and mother to three fur babies and one furless baby.


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