Welcome! Time to Revive Your Inner Child…

Welcome! Time to Revive Your Inner Child…

by the Reader’s Carnival Team

art by June and Anisa

Hello Carnival Goers!

This issue is all about finding your inner-child and inviting them out to play.  The idea behind all of this is, of course, for all our readers out there who have kids.  We hope this is bright and fun and interactive for your wee-ones.  The second is that you, yourself, will enjoy this issue with all of its loud colours and fun, imaginative content.  The sad, broken bear is a symbol of what happens when we turn the child in us off, and the bright inside is a reflection of what’s there, still waiting to be explored.

At fist, I thought, what on Earth are we going to do with a kid’s theme?  Then I spoke to my own mom, June, and within hours she’d come up with a laundry list of ideas.  We then created the Fluffkins you see above, who are featured throughout this month’s release.  I must admit, it was quite the inspirational journey, heading back down that arts and crafts road with my mom… almost thirty years later.

So, Mom (June), this one is dedicated to you! Thank you from all of us at Reader’s Carnival for turning this project into the fabulously fun and crazy issue that it is.  It was a blast building all these creatures with you, Mom.  I know for sure that your inner-child is alive and well taken care of.

This is also dedicated to all of the parents out there who take the time to make their kid’s lives truly magical.

Again, we hope you enjoy and we extend a HUGE thank you to ALL of the contributors.  There are some seriously awesome stories and poems this month. Oh, and a shout out to my dad for putting up with, and encouraging, the madness, and to my life-long friend, Juanita, for sending me last minute pictures of cupcakes.  You rock!

Time to let loose and enjoy the FLUFFKIN FEVER!

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