Welcome to October’s Reader’s Carnival

Welcome to October’s Reader’s Carnival

Well, folks. October is here again and everyone is frantic with school work and the doings of being busy. Things will rush faster and faster to the flying frenzy that is the holidays.

So, let’s take a breather from it all and try to gain a little perspective, shall we? Are all the things we worry about really all that important– you know, in the Grand Scheme of Things? Does the Universe care about the minutia of our daily lives?

Probably not. There’s likely more pressing concerns. Galactic war, maybe.  Or the cosmic death of stars. Really big problems for a really big Universe.

This month, we look to the skies and ask if we’re really alone out there. How bad could it be? Read on…

Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras.

Background photo by Rookuzz.

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