Welcome to our Inaugural Issue of Icy Ideas, Inventive Inspirations and Illustrious Imaginings

by the Reader’s Carnival Team

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Constant readers of all ages!

Welcome to the Reader’s Carnival…
Step up to the booth and grab your tickets! Have we got a show in store for you… It’s an extravaganza of spirit, a feast for the eyes, candy for the brain and food for the soul.  Come fill your hearts and minds with joy, despair, action and suspense! Join in flights of fantastic fancy and embrace the harshness of humanity. Whatever your flavor, we have it all. Spin the wheel! Pick a shell! Have some popcorn and some sweet cotton too.
Now, folks, this is our first issue, so please excuse the bumps. The rides are worth it. Feel free to explore the fairgrounds. There’ll be new yarns spun every month by the best bards and storytellers from Writer’s Carnival. Photos and feature articles round out each issue with something of interest for everyone. Each month will have a different theme to set the stage. This month, it’s simply ‘Ice’…
Are you anxious with amazing anticipation? With what frozen feats of fiction did our tantalizing troupe treat us?
This way, folks. Enjoy the show!

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