Welcome to the Deep Blue Sea

Welcome to the Deep Blue Sea

So this month, we’re headed out to sea. No plan filed, not enough lifeboats and a leaking hull. Yup, we’re all set for mayhem and adventures on the highseas.

Come join us.

I’m sure some of you will make it. Yeah, maybe not that guy in the corner. He looks a little green about the gills already.

But you? Well, we think you’re made of stronger stuff. What’s the worse that could happen?


Okay, that’s pretty bad. Hopefully we have enough supplies to forestall the worst of it. Someone mentioned that they’d actually prefer a little long-pork.

Anyone a good cook?


This month’s issue features winners from Writer’s Carnival’s ‘Authorless’ contest. Keep an eye out for selections from:

  • Tim Hillebrant
  • JC Wolfe
  • Berti Walker

We hope you love this issue. Read on, sailors!

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