Where Eagles Dwell

Where Eagles Dwell

by Nancy Davis

photo by themobius

Appearing as an eagle while I slept,
you soared above the canyons in my mind,
and deep emotions touched me, so I wept,
wrapped up so tightly by the ties that bind. 
Then in my dream I heard your spirit cry,
resounding as it echoed o’er the land.
With ease you soared and circled in the sky;
below I watched, and tried to understand.
But as you soared above me wild and free
I cried for joy to think you ride the wind.
Although I’m left behind it’s clear to me
that you are happy, now I comprehend.

My dream revealed you soar where eagles dwell;
no longer tethered to a mortal shell.


Nancy Davis: I have been writing poetry seriously for two years now. I love sonnets and I tend to do the dramatic and sad although I am normally a happy person except for the loss of my husband which prompted me to write. My poetry comes from my heart and it comforts me. I love poetry and I am learning more about it every day!

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