Where in the World is George R. R. Martin?

Where in the World is George R. R. Martin?

by Anisa A. Claire

George R. R. Martin, epic novelist and wizard at writing from multiple character points of view, has created a masterpiece with his series: A Song of Ice and Fire… so far.  But where in the world is George R. R. Martin, and what are his plans for the next book in the series, the Winds of Winter?

“The locomotive is coming and I’m still laying down the tracks,” Martin replied at the San Diego Comic Con Convention this year.   His audience waits in great anticipation for the next release, but as proven in the past, they might be waiting for quite some time.  He’s been criticized before for being too slow between books.  Why would anyone expect him to change his ways now?
I think we can all agree that we don’t want a rushed version of the next book.  That would be worse than having to wait the typical seven years in between.  The next question, though, is why isn’t he dedicating all of his time to this project?  If you take a peak at his ‘Not a Blog’ you’ll note a lot of releases from him this last year, just none of them are the one everybody is waiting for.
Martin turns sixty-five years old soon, an age where most people would be considering retirement.  Though, it looks like he has more than full-time ventures sitting on his plate.  Will he be able to finish what he started or are we witnessing the start of another series that is destined to never be concluded?  George Martin mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t want anyone else to finish his novels, as he thinks the intentions of the next author wouldn’t be right and they wouldn’t tell his story properly.  But is it fair of him to not have a back-up plan after all of this time his readers have invested in his work?
We’ll have to wait and see if Martin decides to pull up his socks and sprint for the finish line or if he’ll continue sauntering through at his own chiseled out pace… How does that saying go again? “Slow and steady wins the race…” so long as you die of old age in the process, right?

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Tim Hillebrant


A thought provoking read. He’s running into a problem. Will he finish the series? Or is he just going to leave it open for speculation? Good article!

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